Eve Harow moved to Efrat with her family in 1988 after earning an
MA in Psychology  from Pepperdine University.  Her pro-Israel activity
began in her native Los Angeles and has only deepened in tandem
with her life's connection to Israel.

Eve was elected to 2 consecutive five year terms on the Efrat Local
Council, which ended in late 2004. Since the early 90's she has
made an impact as a passionate spokesperson of the right of Jews
to live in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. In that capacity and working in
general Israel advocacy she has appeared in countless forums in
Israel, Canada, Australia and all over the US, including lobbying in
Washington, DC. and Ottawa with many media appearances on
CNN, radio, print, debates, TV, panels, including the international
film 'Blood and Tears'.  Eve has met and briefed Wexner Fellows,
The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations,
Christian groups, UJC groups, UIA groups and many, many more.
She has also spoken to thousands of students in Israel and
abroad.. Eve had her own weekly radio show on Arutz 7 during the
troubling times of 2002/3.

Recently leaving her position as Assistant Director of the One Israel
Fund, Eve is now concentrating on her PR efforts on Israel's behalf,
as well as her focus on the global media representation that
shapes public opinion. Her new independent organization, Am
Hanetzach, has been created to promote Perspectives of the Jewish
Journey and through her website, and blog, she continues to
dialogue with many of those she has met.    

Eve is a graduate of the American Jewish Committee's Chavruta III
program for Building Tolerance in Israeli Society as well as the Bar
Ilan University Leadership Training course for religious women.  Her
life experience juxtaposed with her love and enthusiasm for the
Jewish nation makes her a unique inspirational speaker who can
combine a variety of themes.  

In her seminars with youth she strives to impress upon them the
centrality of Israel and the opportunities inherent in the return home
after the long diaspora. With women's groups the focus is on the
challenge of raising committed, confident children in an uncertain
time and place. And of course she more than holds her own in
forums concerned with politics and current events.

Eve and her physician husband are the parents of seven and new
grandparents of one incredible little girl.      

Eve can be reached via e-mail at
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