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The Galilee Institute
Eve Harow - Lecture Topics:

For high schoolers:  

1. Pride in being Jewish
2. Basic history and politics of Israel today
3. Family life in a 'settlement'
4. The passion, sense of privilege and enthusiasm for life in Israel
5. Connecting our calendar with the seasons and topography of Israel
6. Encouragement for studying in Israel after high school.

For women's groups:  

1. Sharing more personal stories of life in Israel
2. The challenges of raising committed children in difficult times
3. The balance between being Israeli and Jewish
4. Finding strength and coping during war time or when tragedy strikes
5. The joys of connecting with the Imahot here
6. Bringing another layer to holidays and tradition in the place where it all began
7. The concerns (and guilt) of having left aging parents versus need to look to the
8. Mothering soldiers

For General Orthodox audiences:    

1. The importance of Judea and Samaria
2. Security topics
3. Analysis of government
4. The.need to make Judaism more palatable
5. Bridging the secular-religious divide
7. Striving to be an Or Lagoyim
8. The successes in business and export
9. The last 3 weeks of Gush Katif  - a personal account of family and children
10. The zchut of living in Israel balanced with the practical day today

For Traditional audiences:  

1. The importance of Judea and Samaria - a refreshing pro-yishuv stance
2. Juxtaposing education with the intensity of life in the Jewish State
3. The challenges of raising kids who are tolerant yet confident in their own beliefs
4. Looking to co-exist
5. Being proud of who we are and what we have accomplished
6. The need to 'tweak' Judaism to meet the needs of Jews today, from knowledge
not antagonism.

On Campus:   

1. The history of The Land
2. Why agreements have failed
3. Lessons to learn from past mistakes

Non Jewish Audiences:   

1. Those who bless us will be blessed, those who curse us will be cursed
2. The Jewish people as the proverbial Canary in the Coalmine