Mughrabi Ramp - Israeli Viewpoint – A Poll

Results of a telephone poll conducted by
Geocartographia for Israel Radio on the
14th of February 2007

(Representative sample of 530 adult
that included Arab Israelis)

In light of the disturbances that took place in the Old
City of Jerusalem in the wake of construction at the
Mugrabi Gate do you support the proposal to
halt the construction at the Mugrabi Gate?

Total: Yes 34.1% No 52.0% Other replies 13.9%
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Mughrabi Ramp Poll - February 14, 2007
The Galilee Institute
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promote creative and innovative answers in this
time of crisis and struggle inside the Jewish People
and the Zionist movement.
Voted Kadima: Yes 39.9% No 48.2% Other replies 11.9%
Voted Likud: Yes 14.8% No 82.9% Other replies 2.2%
Voted Labor: Yes 39.1% No 31.3% Other replies 29.6%
Voted Yisrael Beiteinu: Yes 5.4% No 94.6%
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Mughrabi Ramp
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