Israel Business Update Volume 1 Issue 4
Galil Medical Announces US$52 Million Financing
Israel could be one of world's most prosperous economies
Trump upbeat on Israel's economy and more...
Invitation to IDC Media Conference
The Media as a Theater of War, the Blogosphere,
and the Global Battle for Civil Society
December 17 – 18, 2006                     Daniel Hotel, Herzliya
Israel Business Update Volume 1 Issue 3
According to the Israel Venture Capital Association 87 Israeli
high-tech companies raised $381 million from venture
investors during the third quarter of 2006 which included the
war in Lebanon. Read about this and much more...  
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Israel Business Update Volume 1 Issue 2
Israel ups rank from 23rd to 15th as the World Economic
Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) for 2006-07
were released. Read about Israel being one of the world’s
most competitive economies and more...
Galilee Institute Board Member Takes Office in SF
SF's newest consul enjoys being Bedouin and is proud to be
Israeli. Ishmael Khaldi, who began life as a nomad, is first
Muslim envoy to rise through ranks of Israeli Foreign Service.
Good Luck to Our Good Friend Ish!!
Galilee Institute News Service
The Galilee Institute
Israel Business Update Volume 1 Issue 5
Media Working Group for the 7th Herzliya Conference
Fitch Ratings Changes Israel's Outlook To Positive
IMF delegation to Israel gives favorable Preliminary report
Israel Makes Christmas Merry for Pilgrims, Citizens
Ben-Gurion Tops Among European Airports
Dr. Mike Cohen, founder of the Galilee Institute, featured on
two panels discussing Strategies for the 21st Century: Public
Diplomacy as Self-Defense for Israel and Civil Society in the
West and the World
Israel Business Update Volume 2 Issue 2
Israel economy hums despite annual tumult
Israel, Denmark to establish joint investment fund
Lucid Raises $12 Million in Second Round of Financing
Delegation of Israeli companies to visit Oklahoma
Israel Business Update Volume 2 Issue 1
Israel GDP up 5% in '06, above some revised views
Only Singapore and Taiwan Grow Faster Than Israel
EU bank ends Israel loans freeze
New Florida Governor announces increased trade with Israel
Established in 2000, the
Galilee Institute aims to
promote creative and
innovative answers in this
time of crisis and struggle
inside the Jewish
People and the Zionist
Dr. Mike Cohen to Embark on UJC Speaking Tour
Dr. Mike Cohen, (Bio) Founder and Senior Analyst of the
Galilee Institute, has been invited to address Jewish
Federations in New York, Chicago, Buffalo and Florida on
issues of the day in Israel.
Israel Business Update Volume 2 Issue 3
International Monetary Fund Upbeat on Israeli Economy
Bank of Israel: State of Economy Index Rises by 7.3% in 2006
Zion Rings!
Venture capital investment in Israel up 21% in 2006
Israel Business Update Volume 2 Issue 4
Standard & Poor's upgrades outlook for Israel to "Positive"
Israel indexes close at an all-time high
Conference sets goal of luring Israeli firms to Northeast Ohio
Passing of a Modern Day Jewish Hero - MK Yuri Shtern
MK Effie Eitam Hosted by GI Friends in Jacksonville
Retired General, now a Member of the Israeli Knesset, The
Hon. Efraim Eitan was the guest of Galilee Institute friends
M-EDG and its Florida-Israel Biomedical Initiative. The MK was
in Jacksonville to help raise money for Assaf Harofeh Medical
Center and to brief local leader on the situation in Israel
GI Posts Mughrabi Ramp Source Sheet
The Jewish views pro and Jewish views con, Muslim views,
Christian views and official views - and maps - all included on
one page for your ease of use on this complicated issue...
Professor Richard Landes Accepts GI Fellowship Position
Boston University history professor Richard Landes, creator of  
The Second Draft, a case study of the Mohammed al-Dura
affair and the phenomenon called 'Pallywood' joins forces with
Galilee Institute Moves News Service to Galilee Word Blog
Please click here for the latest Israel-related news updates
from the Galilee Institute scholars and staff...

April 8, 2007